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A letter from Gayle Osborne, the president:

I would like to take a moment to thank you for your interest in B&B Tool & Supply Company and what we have to offer.

B&B Tool & Supply Company is headquartered in Casper, Wyoming. All of our facilities offer inside-storage to ensure your equipment will not be exposed to inclement weather or other adverse conditions. Each facility, which is second to none, offers a security system to protect your equipment.

B&B Tool is diversified! Our company is able to repair all brands of wellhead equipment and most anything on short notice due to a large stock of parts. Or, if wellhead and drilling-related equipment rental is your need, this service is available upon request.

B&B Tool is equipped! Our company is equipped with a machine shop enabling us to weld, stress-relieve with our electric stress-relief oven (heat charts are provided), and remachine equipment to the original manufacturers' specifications. B&B Tool has the latest tools and equipment to get the job done.

B&B Tool is service-oriented! Our major concern has always been to service what we sell. It is this attitude that has made B&B Tool & Supply Company the most prevalent wellhead supplier in the Rocky Mountain region. This company employees competent personnel and supplies them with service trucks equipped with 4-wheel drive. This allows us to attend to our customers' needs 24/7/365.

After reviewing the following information, I hope you will agree, we have more to offer as far as wellhead equipment, repair capabilities, inventory control, and knowledgeable personnel. We believe we can offer you a 'full circle' of dependable service.

We are proud to be a part of the oil industry and grateful that we have been afforded the opportunity to present our information.


Gayle A. Osborne

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